Friday, August 5, 2011

Fear of Failure


It is that one word for which all wanting the best are crazy. I dont know if I really want to be the best, but I'm sure there is nothing lesser than perfect that I desire. Aiming perfection is kinda good. You keep giving your efforts till you know yes-thats-how-I-wanted-it. You might give less results, but sure you give your best ones. But should you really make this a habit; achieving perfection?

Perfection has done something bad to me. It has caused me a fear. You lose your balance just one step and thuddd - you are trapped in the fear of failure. I have done things crazily, giving my best, getting the results which I will like to call just perfect; but in the long time run, it has make me kinda coward and too much afraid. Now I feel reluctant to start a new thing, because I just feel that I might not get it perfect. No one gets it perfect everytime. I still need to learn that.

I have had enough now of not starting few things; if started, never completing them; if completed, never believing that yes-it-is-it! I must learn that imperfection is better than the regrets caused later.

I pray to God that once again I get the courage of doing things.. no matter whether perfect or not!
I pray that we all get able to remove the root cause of fear of failure - Perfection!

Let colors be flown and spreaded in the way they desire..
Let words pour out like little droplets of rain.. unmeasured!


  1. hey,
    ya perfection is the root cause of all fears, but sometimes it's defficult to seperate the two. Like you said no one perfect but we can sure give our best to be the neighbour hood of it.

  2. Yeah.. we sure can give our best! What I wanted to convey is that while craving for the perfect, we sometimes miss even the non-perfect pleasures..


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