Sunday, October 23, 2016

Some days summer, Some days spring

Some days summer, some days spring,
Is it so much easy for you to say.
Have you ever looked at those wetty eyes,
Which just search for you all the way.

You left so sudden, without a word,
And you knew you're neva coming back.
You broke her heart, and neva told her,
How to soothe pain caused by the crack.

She was not a game, to have all the fun,
And then end it all just with the day.
Some days summer, some days spring,
Is it so much easy for you to say.

That day was pleasant, when you held her hand in yours,
And told her that you love her the most.
Now she sees teardrops, when she looks at the mirror,
And a cold chill leave her with a frost.

She kept looking, but you never turned back,
And thus passed every night and day.
Some days summer, some days spring,
Is it so much easy for you to say.

TinyTales #1

- And you'll just forget about me, right?
- Everyday...!!!


काश हम समझ पाते, जो वो कभी कहते नहीं,
रोज़ तन्हा शामों में, खामोशियाँ सहते नहीं।

Kaash hum samajh paate, jo wo kabhi kahte nahi,
Roz tanhaa shaamon me, khaamoshiyaan sahte nahi.

Saturday, October 22, 2016


ज़िंदगी पहेली है, या पहेली खुद हम ही हैं,
कितने खोजे जवाब, पर आज तक सब कम ही हैं।

Zindagi paheli hai, ya paheli khud ham hi hain,
Kitne khoje jawaab, par aaj tak sab kam hi hain.


कभी डरते थे हम, खो न जायें कहीं,
आप चलते ही जायें, हम रह न जायें यहीं।

Kabhi darte the hum, kho na jaaye kahin,
Aap chalte hi jaaye, hum rah na jaaye yahin.

Life and Death

Today I don't want to believe that I'm going to last for 75 years.
I want to feel death. I want to feel what it is like to die?!

I do not mean to say that I want to die. I am not sick, I am not depressed, I am not defeated; and if you must think, I am not bored either. It is not like life is missing big adventures or surprises, I just do not feel that I am living.

Lub-Dub Lub-Dub Lub-Dub

That is how heart beats, that is how we know we are living. I do not listen to that sound. I want to immerse in that music which is above all the worldly pleasures. I want to feel my every heartbeat.

I want to feel the miracle - the miracle of life. Each day when I wake up, I want to be thankful for being still alive. I want to feel every time I breathe, knowing that I am fully alive.

I want to feel free, being capable of choosing every moment of my life to spend my own way. To be able to sing or dance like no one's keeping an eye on me. To be able to jump and try to touch the sky. To believe that I can fly, if not today, someday. I want to live my way with no people staring at me as I am different. Coz I want to tell them all - Yes, I am different. And so are you! What you think of insanity is only a measure for freedom. You dare not to be insane, coz you dare not to be free.

I want to feel a fear of death once; and then let go of all the fears, the fear of hatred, the fear of love, the fear of death, the fear of life!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Good Morning!

Good morning!

It's a beautiful morning, isn't it?
What's beautiful about this morning, do you ask? What isn't, I ask!
The beautiful golden sun rays coming through the window and shining on your skin, a breeze carrying the smell of earth, birds chirping everywhere and music in every sound if you listen with your soul!

Why rush? There are many who needs to, but you don't! You don't have to wake up because the world will stop, if you don't! You have to wake up because its time you start enjoying the mornings rather than counting it as another curse!
You are one of those lucky souls who don't have to wake up early to minister to the sick, to carry food for the mass or guard the boundaries to protect people and things.
Your job is easy. All you need to do is not worry and breathe. Take it slowly. Relax. And start the day with a smile. Can you do that?
You are lucky, because you have time to read this post. May be you are still in your bed, or taking a break from your never ending chores, or travelling in a train or metro. Feel this morning. Yes, this is like every other morning. There is nothing exceptional about today, except that you are trying to smile, aren't you? I will be happy to know that you smile everyday!

Why rush? Take a moment to close your eyes, not sleep, but close your eyes. And say this to yourself. YES! I AM READY!
Whatever it may be, the day will come, you don't have to anticipate everything in the world. But feel ready. In this moment. 

Once, while travelling, I found a little girl, 5 years old, just so happy. She wanted to play with me. So we played. We were playing and her uncle scolded her a bit for being too naughty with random stranger people. She started crying in a moment. I hugged her and she was happy again the next moment. Life is just this simple. Its always in the present, the moment which is NOW! We hold on to our grudges too long, that they become a lot of emotions. They become resentment, they become regret. They become anger, annoyance and blame. They self-destruct our emotional system. We need to feel gratitude. Hope and satisfaction will follow. 

Are you feeling grateful for little things?
You all are grateful for food that you get, do you enjoy every morsel of it that you eat? Do you realize every flavor? There is a lot to feel, if you just eat when you eat.
There is a lot to relish if you are just with the person that you are, and not lost in your world of worries. Do you ever look in the eyes and talk? Do you try to empathize and not just throw mere opinions? 
Look around. There is a whole world just waiting to be cherished. With all its little insignificant moments to offer. Those moments make our life beautiful.
The day will come, you can not control it. But enjoy your morning. And the peace that it will provide to your soul. 

Have a good morning! :)

Sunday, October 9, 2016

How are you?

Once I asked a friend 'how are you'. He told me he is 'surviving' and he shared his story. I was glad he was willing to tell and I had to tell him he is doing a great job at life. But when I asked the same question to many other friends, they said "fine" or they didn't even bother to answer or register the question. And in most cases, they didn't ask me back how I am. It left me wondering how people don't ask anybody anymore how they are doing. A part reason could be people don't always tell truth when they tell how they are. We always want to skip the big talks. We like avoiding questions that are asked about our feelings. We hide why we feel what we feel. We don't like to be exposed of our emotions. We find comfort in the fact that not many people can read us like an open book. And we prefer choosing a safe answer over a truthful one.

I have been asked this question a few times. Among those few of the times, I have tried to answer it honestly. Once I told a friend I am feeling anxious. I knew he would ask me the reason and he did; but I had none to offer. I couldn't find the reason of anxiety myself. I wanted to share if somebody is hearing me out but I didn't know the reason. People don't accept that you can't know why you feel particularly so. For them, feelings come in a pair with reasons. And everything has to be combined with logic. Once a colleague asked me at work how I am, and I told him I am hungry. He was very kind to accept my answer and he suggested options for breakfast. Many times I have told my friends that I am feeling joyous. They have asked me the reason. Sometimes I had them, sometimes I didn't; but they celebrated with me. Many times I told my friends I am feeling depressed. They only told me I am crazy to feel so. That it's just in my mind and I shouldn't think much. But I wonder why they didn't want to accept the answer then. Feeling negative emotions is as much a part of life as feeling the positive ones. I am only a human! A human with bones and flesh and all my virtues and flaws!

For last few days, I have been feeling a lot of negative emotions. Feeling of being deserted, feeling of not being cared for, feeling of not doing enough and feeling of regret over all the wrong choices I had made in the past. I know there is no point investing your time over a few things, because thinking again and again won't really make you feel better. But some times all you need is somebody who genuinely asks you how you are, and not give grave suggestions like "stop thinking". Only if I could really stop thinking, life would have been so much easy! But sometimes it's okay to think. All we need is somebody who understands that it's really okay so. Who accepts that it's okay to feel sad or lost. People just need to have a belief that we will come back around. And not knowing and getting confused is as much a part of life as exploring and having faith.

Sometimes all we need is just somebody who listen to us. Everyone has a lot to say. But are we ready to listen to them? Are we ready to know how they are before actually asking them? Are we ready to share how we are?
Find the answers in your heart today. Ask this to yourself, your friends and people around you. 

How are you?