Wednesday, December 9, 2015

वक़्त के पन्ने

वक़्त के कुछ पन्ने जो पलटे,
चेहरे कई नज़र आये
कितने उनमें ऐसे थे,
जो अब यादों में भी जगह खोने लगे हैं
कितने चेहरे उनमें दोस्त थे,
कभी वो दोस्त थे,
और कभी पहचान रह गये
वो भी न बची,
तो बस एक नाम रह गये।
कभी आती है याद,
तो ख़याल आता है
कैसे होंगे, वो कहाँ होंगे,
जहाँ होंगे, शायद वो भी कभी वक़्त के पन्ने पलटते होंगे।

Sunday, August 30, 2015

कब तक

कब तक खयालों से, कल्पनाओं से, दिल बहलाऊँ,
जो हकीकत का स्वरूप है, उसे कहाँ से लाऊँ।
बातें तो बहुत हैं, दुनिया की, चाँद-तारों की,
मेरे हाथों की लकीरें, पर तुम्हे कैसे दिखाऊँ।
हाथ छूते ही, बुलबुला है, धुएँ सा फट जाता है,
धुंध में सिर्फ तुम दिखो, तो तुम्हे कैसे छिपाऊँ।
साथ तो हर वक़्त हो, यादों में, तस्वीरों में,
चाहूँ भी तो लेकिन, बस गले कैसे लगाऊँ।
आस है, कि पास हो बस, तकती रहूँ रात-दिन,
जो नहीं समझते तुम, वो तुम्हे कैसे बताऊँ।

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Take a moment!

Take a moment - to pause, to relax, to give time to yourself.
Take a moment - just to breathe.
Take a moment - and listen to a calm and soothing song.
Take a moment - and actually enjoy your breakfast.
Take a moment - and pamper yourself.
Take a moment - to take care of yourself.
Take a moment - when everything's done and when everything's not done.
Take a moment - and not just rush to do the next thing in the list.
Take a moment - to just express gratitude... for everything.
Take a moment - because may be that's all you need.
Take a moment - because may be that's all you have got.

Carpe Diem!

Monday, April 7, 2014


If it were poetry
That could make you fall
In love
I would write volumes
Of you
And me.
Just us
And our pretty world.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

If I could

Only if I could see you now
Touch you
Hold your arms
Hug you
And then caress your cheeks
If I could run my fingers through your hair
And give a soft blow over your eyes
I would kiss them
And your cheeks
And your lips
I will clutch your hand
With mine
Till they disappear in each other
And I will love you
Till we disappear in each other

Monday, January 20, 2014


I wake up sometimes
In the middle of a dream
I need not it
Its just a shadow
Your touch of an inch
A little whisper
Sound of your breath
And pillow of an arm
Make me believe
That life is true
And much beautiful
For you are there

Thursday, January 9, 2014


When you will be busy
With your work everyday
Keeping up the schedule
And staring at your laptop

Forgetting about the flower
Blossoming around the corner of  your table
And steaming cup of coffee
Getting cold like a fading memory

Those such times
Remember I will be there
Sitting silently near you
Listening to your presence

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Spaces of Time

I think about you
And make faces in the air
Are you alive
Or am dreaming a lot
May be one day
I will come out of the dream
But I don't want to
I wish it be to true
And we be
In the same spaces of time

Monday, December 16, 2013


I saw a dream
I wished it were true
And there came you
You're just a thought
Sometimes a shadow
Are you a face

I try to believe
That stories can have
A happily ever after
Reality is blurred
People often have
Just false hopes

I get confused
Between dreams and memories
Are both unreal
I kept a stone
If I see it closely
It thumps sometimes

Sunday, December 8, 2013

कोरा कागज़

एक कोरे कागज़ का एकाकीपन 
बस वही चाहिये 
एक नयी नज़्म लिखने के लिये।

लिखना तो और भी बहुत है 
कुछ सपनें, कुछ अरमान,
कुछ चाहत, औ कुछ दुयाएँ,
पर कोरा कागज़ नहीं बचा। 

सबमें एक मिलावट आ गयी है,
खयालों में, औ सवालों में भी,
सब मिलावट के साथ ही
कागज़ पर बिखरे पड़े हैं। 

कुछ कागज़ों पर से निशाँ 
मिटा नहीं सकते हम 
और कोरा कागज़... वो कहीं नहीं है।