Thursday, August 27, 2009

Independence or Identity?

(August 15th, 2009)

A very happy Independence Day!

A great day really... I need not to say much as most of the things have been said already. I just need to remain firm with my decisions and promises to everyone else and myself!

Its not the single day when I think I'm living in an independent nation with people still not independent from the shackles of identity.

Why India? Why America? Why Pakistan? Why Russia?
Why Boy? Why Girl?
Why Old? Why Young?
Why Hindu? Why Muslim? Why Christian?
Why Black? Why White?

No doubt every coin has its two faces, but when do we forget that being a coin is important... none is interested in heads & tails. Then, why the discrimination here???

We all are same...creatures...existing & living... with thoughts, so that the survival remain continued and a better world with more love can be seen.

Why the 'spirit' need to be searched now? Why people have became too reluctant to worry about anything but themselves? Why they find pleasures in building their castles on the dust of someone's home? Why do they fight and enjoy it at the same time?
Oh please, don't say no one enjoy the fights & terror! Its not the aliens who come and shatter the dreams & hopes of people living on earth!

When every other thing is diagnosed, the root cause of illness still remain ignored! A world without any identity at all is not possible! And if you too believe in this, then a better world's imagination cannot be forever!
If today is not the time, then I promise you & warn you that the time will never come!

I personally hate any sort of identification but I fear that even I'm so bound that I can't ignore the names given to me.
I'm known to every other person & every other is known to me by one or the other way of identity.
Be it identity not here, everything would have same & all the people with same mind & under same category. But then, the world wouldn't have progressed, as no scale would have left for measuring the changes, because even if changes are there, everything would have changed as whole leading no means to trace back the earlier status as no identity is available.

Being with identity is problem!
Not being with identity is also problem!
What should a man do then???

Its never said to ignore identity at all, but its said to remove the discrimination.
To visualize a world that is 'one', this is very important!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Zindagi aur Khwaab

Zindagi aur Khwaab, sab ek nahin hote,
Zindagi to sach hai aur khwaab fasaana.

Zindagi bahut kasi huyi hai
Dard se, bandhanon se,
Ansuljhi gutthiyon se,
Karm ka bojh sir par le,
Jaagna hota hai insaan ko,
Daudna padta hai umra bhar,
Aur fir haar jana hota hai ant mein,
Zindagi bahut kasi huyi hai.

Par khwaab,
Use to koi kabhi samajh hi nahi paaya,
Use koi kabhi samajh bhi nahi sakta,
Use bhala koi kabhi samajhna bhi kyun chahe,
Itni aazadi aur shaanti, bhala aur kahaan hain
Aazadi vichaaron ki,
Aazadi kuch na karne ki,
Aazadi kabhi na jaagne ki,
Aazadi kabhi na haarne ki.

Par kisi raat chahe savera ho na ho,
Jaag hi jaata hai insaan
Pataa nahi kaunse dard se,
Pahchaan kar paana bhi mushkil sa lagta hai
Bas itna samajh aata hai, wo jaag gaya
Kyunki use jaagna hota hai,
Aur jaanna hota hai ek aur sach
Sach jo sabko ek kar deta hai.

Bhala zindagi aur khwaab ek hi to hain
Ek din sabka ant ho jaata hai
Aur ant hi to hai sabse badaa sach.

Mujhe ant ki parwaah nahi
Par khwaab, uska kya karun
Wo to fasaana lagta tha
Aaj wo bhi sach nikla
Pahle di kuch aashaayein,
Aur fir toot ke bikhar gaya
Usne bhi diya dhokha aur dard
Kitna sach hai, kitna sahi
Khwaab bhi kitne kase huye hain.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Journey to the Wonderland - Part I

And today, I witnessed the most miraculous, most mysterious, most wonderful dream of my life.

Yes, it was dark…dark and night. I had lived the dream. I was living the dream. Very tired and very bored, irritated and frustrated with the scorching heat of this summer, I kept lying on my bed trying to sleep. Having enough dose of my daily gossips with ‘rjs’ and after listening enough music with them, my mind thought, a part of mine should go to the rest now. Or it should go for a journey. A journey to nowhere but a wonderland where anything and everything is possible. Possible with just a snap of fingers.

I was lying on my bed, still trying to sleep. My cellphone with radio fm playing on it and earphones plunged into my ears, I was lying on my bed. I had enough talk with a friend and rest all was very silent to make sound. I had to do nothing but to sleep. So, I kept lying, my radio still switched on.

I don’t remember exactly in which hour of night, I actually fell asleep, but it might be midnight after 1 or 2. I was sleeping, with music flowing through my ears. And a part of my mind slept. It was ready for the journey. The journey to the Wonderland.

Unless I have not seen the dream, unless the journey has not started, I had no idea that the wonderland begins at my home. My own home. And my own room, with the bed on which I was sleeping. Or trying to sleep with earphones plunged into my ears with music flowing through them. Yes, that was the time, when my mind partly slept. It is a bit tough to understand. As sleeping and dreaming is a complexly infinitely running process. As it is the imaging in two opposite mirrors. As it is the traveling through time stations. Yet, we go with it. As a journey has to be completed. A destiny must be reached.

When I was sleeping, or the part of my mind was sleeping, everything was still and calm as it is supposed to be. The only sound I knew that time was of my fm radio.

Everything was intact. We all siblings in one room. My mother in another. And father along with my grandfather in his room. All were sleeping and might be living their own dreams. Heat was tough and burning and irresistible to us. In spite of the fact that the air coolers were on, we pray, it would be better if it were winters. But we did not bother much. It rained a little in the evening and night will get more cooled with its darkness. So, we slept. Slept in the utmost silence. It was till then, that everything was intact.

And then the journey began. A journey I remember when I’m awake. A journey which I’ll remember throughout my life.

I was sleeping in my room. Everything was intact and then, suddenly, a roaring sound came. A sound I knew was from nowhere. But it was. That sound was bold and loud, very loud. With earphones plugged, in my ears, I tried to pretend myself that I did not hear anything but the words coming from earplugs. But the truth has a different path. And I had to take it to proceed the journey.

I kept lying pretending nothing happened, but everything was not intact. I saw my siblings sleeping. I don’t know if they too were just pretending like me. To me, they were sleeping. I might have not known, whether the people in other rooms were sleeping or are in same hole of mystery where I was, if my Papa had not got up and leave his bed in a moment.

Just after the moment, we heard the great roaring, my Papa ran into my room to make sue that everything is intact, everything is safe, everything is secure. He saw three children drowned in their sleep as if nothing happened. But don’t know how, he found that one eye was open. He found the plugs in my ear and my fingers on my cellphone. Afraid with the mysterious roaring and unwanting to accept that everything is not intact, I switched off the radio on my phone. And then he knew which eye it was. It was none but me. In mystery and surprise, he asked me without wasting a moment, if I heard something. I was confused, and as surprised as he was. But I had to make an answer.

Being afraid of my own thoughts, I told him It’s nothing to worry. I don’t know, to whom I was giving console, when I myself was afraid. But as I did not want to accept the roar, I tried to postpone the matter. I told Papa that the roar may just be of any animal. Things may make sound; even the doors and windows can make great noise when wind struck them, but if you think it’s suspicious, consider it the roar of any tiger or cat. Unconvinced with my answer, my father left the room. And unconvinced with my own answer, I kept lying on my bed. I just did not want to untie a knot. I did not want to solve any mystery. For me, wonders are most beautiful on earth.

But the journey cannot be halted unless the destiny is achieved. So, I kept lying on the bed and tried to sleep. At some moment of time, I knew, I had to get up. I suddenly opened my eyes again and leapt on my feet. I was excited and wanted to know if Papa had solved the mystery. I stepped out of my room. A sudden ‘shhhh…’ entered my ears from a distance and my steps froze. The dull, silent environment, as if some CBI officers had entered the home to arrest a criminal and they are taking their steps with utmost silence and precautions, so that the criminal may not get alert and ran wildly anywhere, spread across the rooms. My eyes were wide opened on my weary face. So as the face of Papa could be seen. He was standing at the inside gallery amidst all rooms. He was at a meter distance from me but could see something which no other eye could. He said it’s just a l’il creature and he’ll show him the way out. I was making my mind to step inside my room again when he again said something. He told me to move to the hall, so that I can have the company of my mother and can find relief from the hotness of the weather. I moved towards the hall. It was undoubtedly cooler than nay other room. When I walked through the other end of hall, I found some figure lying on the sofa, some on floor, all covered with sheets or blankets. I felt the room was chilling enough for it. But on moving closer, I found their eyes wide opened. Their face pale and their hands clenching an end of their white blanket sheets, they thought it would be better if they don’t tell me now. I was not in hurry. For me the wonders are most beautiful. I looked around the hall and found the front main door wide open. It was dark outside. And the breeze was colder. Rarely do we open that door when it’s dark. I found it romantic and wonderful and got out of the hall.

The journey had to show me more than I thought.

(to be continued...)

Praised Lord of Star!

Just a few words... its not for the praise of a great friend Alfan... its just a l'il gift for him which tells what he is....

The day is remembered,
Even by the history,
The day still unsolved,
The day still a mystery.

The hills echoing carols,
The aureole shimmering bright,
When the Lord landed on earth,
The universe filled with light.

Born to chase triumphs,
Sworn to ne'er desist,
To portend the Lord's grandeur,
The epics can't resist.

Nourished by the stars,
Imbibed with naivety,
Befriend to astrayed,
Connoisseur for subtlety.

A bijou, reckless & robust,
A soul, solicitous & wise,
To extol Lord's tacit zenith,
The words may not suffice....

(to be continued...)

For the 'Chosen One'

That is You...
A drop in the rain,
A healer in the pain,
A fellow for alone,
The Chosen soul.

That is You..
A sweet chum,
Difficult and lazy,
But a bijou so worthy,
Amusing and crazy.

That is you...
A step in the miles,
Spreading smiles,
A beginning to an end,
A true Friend...

Yes it is YOU...