Saturday, August 22, 2009

Praised Lord of Star!

Just a few words... its not for the praise of a great friend Alfan... its just a l'il gift for him which tells what he is....

The day is remembered,
Even by the history,
The day still unsolved,
The day still a mystery.

The hills echoing carols,
The aureole shimmering bright,
When the Lord landed on earth,
The universe filled with light.

Born to chase triumphs,
Sworn to ne'er desist,
To portend the Lord's grandeur,
The epics can't resist.

Nourished by the stars,
Imbibed with naivety,
Befriend to astrayed,
Connoisseur for subtlety.

A bijou, reckless & robust,
A soul, solicitous & wise,
To extol Lord's tacit zenith,
The words may not suffice....

(to be continued...)

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