Thursday, August 27, 2009

Independence or Identity?

(August 15th, 2009)

A very happy Independence Day!

A great day really... I need not to say much as most of the things have been said already. I just need to remain firm with my decisions and promises to everyone else and myself!

Its not the single day when I think I'm living in an independent nation with people still not independent from the shackles of identity.

Why India? Why America? Why Pakistan? Why Russia?
Why Boy? Why Girl?
Why Old? Why Young?
Why Hindu? Why Muslim? Why Christian?
Why Black? Why White?

No doubt every coin has its two faces, but when do we forget that being a coin is important... none is interested in heads & tails. Then, why the discrimination here???

We all are same...creatures...existing & living... with thoughts, so that the survival remain continued and a better world with more love can be seen.

Why the 'spirit' need to be searched now? Why people have became too reluctant to worry about anything but themselves? Why they find pleasures in building their castles on the dust of someone's home? Why do they fight and enjoy it at the same time?
Oh please, don't say no one enjoy the fights & terror! Its not the aliens who come and shatter the dreams & hopes of people living on earth!

When every other thing is diagnosed, the root cause of illness still remain ignored! A world without any identity at all is not possible! And if you too believe in this, then a better world's imagination cannot be forever!
If today is not the time, then I promise you & warn you that the time will never come!

I personally hate any sort of identification but I fear that even I'm so bound that I can't ignore the names given to me.
I'm known to every other person & every other is known to me by one or the other way of identity.
Be it identity not here, everything would have same & all the people with same mind & under same category. But then, the world wouldn't have progressed, as no scale would have left for measuring the changes, because even if changes are there, everything would have changed as whole leading no means to trace back the earlier status as no identity is available.

Being with identity is problem!
Not being with identity is also problem!
What should a man do then???

Its never said to ignore identity at all, but its said to remove the discrimination.
To visualize a world that is 'one', this is very important!

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