Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And it happened today morning...

On few mornings, we see those dreams which are weird yet so beautiful... and today's morning happened with one such beauty.. I wish I could see the climax too, but if I would have seen that, I would have missed the fun of suspense! :))

So, what was this surprising dream about? Do you really wanna know? B'cause this time, this isn't something I need to really hide. After-all, it was just a dream! :D

It started with a phone call..
A known number flashed on my mobile screen.
I picked it up..
And then, a voice came.
The voice was a little shivering..
He said something.. then, played a song..
That was beautiful. A lovely romantic song.. telling the feeling of a person who loves someone passionately.
There was silence in the air, but it said more than any word can say. There were questions in those words, and emotions which deserved an answer. I was too much lost in the songs.. and thoughts of 'him'.
Then another song came up, and then another.. and another..
And I woke up! :( :|

I did get no chance to say anything.
All I wished at that moment was.. that I could sleep a l'il more...! :D


  1. oh nice 2 read that you finally get romantic dreams about "him"......

  2. yeah, but this 'him' is not whom u r thinking about :)

  3. :O....there's somebody else too ??

  4. This is really beautiful sweety, simply awesome,believe me u hv given words to my dream yesterday.

    Keep doing good work.:)

  5. A very lovely one...perhaps the artist in you never sleeps ;) .... and now I am intrigued to know about this real-life "him" :P

  6. its realllyyy goooodd... :)

    got no more words to define how much I adore it...

  7. I can take a guess who that 'him' might have been..and I have a gut feeling that I may not be wrong :)

  8. Thank you everyone for liking this post.. :)

    And nandu, so sad that u r wrong! :P

  9. This shows now the time has riped for another storyteller like Chetan Bhagat!!

    Do continue with your writings,

    Inshallah the time is near to come when we have to purchase your book to read them rather than on your blog.!! }

  10. @Netloggers:
    First of all I'm wondering who is behind this 'vision' name!
    Secondly, which "HIM" you are talking about of which you are so 'sure'?? :P

  11. This is a nice one... lovely portrayed. Manish


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