Monday, December 13, 2010

The Human Toy

There he was.. with his little eyes, small palms and the biggest ever smile on his face. He was little in length but had a heart of the size of the Himalayas. He had his dreams to live for and she was his most favorite dream. He wanted to live just one life, and he was living it all for her.

And there she was.. his cute, chubby, sweetie-pie; with sparkling eyes and strawberry lips. With her sweetness, she could melt the most bitter monster in the world.

They both were so good together; they always played together, ate together, roamed together; anyone would say, they are the best friends forever.

He adored her so much that he would never leave her alone. He would sing for her and dance for her and would make the funniest faces ever on the earth, just to see her smiling and laughing and enjoying.

And she was happy too. She wasn't all alone now. She always wanted a toy to keep herself excited n jovial all the time. And finally she got one too. And he was her most favorite toy.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Silent Stare

It was so loud out in the party, with all that music, and glittering lights, and people. But deep down I could feel a deafening silence. And the silent stare from his eyes were penetrating even deeper inside me.

He was still looking at me. Like he wanted to say something. Were those questions for me? Or the answers which he always wished he could give to me? Or did he want me to read something up there by myself?

I tried to look and it seemed like a labyrinth. Why didn't he just simply come and talk to me? May be the words could have helped better. Or was it I myself who didn't want to talk? It was like two magnets, sometimes with opposite poles, but sometimes with similar.

Everything was hazy, and blurred. The only thing that was still and riveted was the stare from his eyes, with zillions of things to talk about.

And when I see up now, I find those eyes still looking at me.. silently!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Life of a Friendship!

Sometimes I think, how good it would have been if we were always two strangers to each other!
But sometimes, few things have to happen, or how would people get memories otherwise!

When we think life's good, all's well, kinda perfect; we have ignored that deep drown tears of loneliness in our hearts; and we are learning to kinda adjust in all sort of circumstances; then we meet that someone whom we always needed the most... a friend, our Best Friend!

I donno what thunderstorms life was showing to me. I was just looking for a good reason to stay. Then like a shooting star, you came. I had only started to admire your sparkle, but why did you disappear? I was in no hurry, then why were you?

Why were you always so quick in everything and I wasn't? You happened so sudden, and I didn't believe anything. I opened my eyes and saw the glitters. Something had changed. Yeah, the gloomy night had changed!

I was completely lost in the beauty of that moment. I was loving every single thing around me; dancing, singing, lost in the love with myself all over again; and then.. a sudden thuddd and I had to wake up from my dream... 
There was no light, no sparkle, no star...
Oh! You were just a shooting star!

Its time to get back to my closet!
I will wait till the night is over.. with your memories..

The life of our friendship can't be so less. I hope you'll come back soon. And this time as the bright shining sun, to stay with me.. Forever!

I'm waiting...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

As long as you love me...

I'm tired, I'm sleepy, I'm bored, and I need fun...

Ever since I've started blogging, I'm posting my poems and thoughts. Let this post be something very random and fun. No, I'm not telling here any of my love stories. Its just a game. A good time-pass indeed!
Thanks to Anurag who tagged me in his post. This is the first time I'm playing any such game.

So here it goes..
The rules are very simple!

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, IPOD etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.

1. If someone asks you, “are you okay ? ?” you say:
Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers (:O Seems like I'm really not okay!)
2. How would you describe yourself ?
Unchained Melody - Elvis Presley (The title sounds good, but the song sounds despo... :|)

3. What do you like in a guy/girl ?
Jhoom barabar jhoom - Jhoom barabar jhoom (No interpretation for this one!)

4. How do you feel today ?
Kheva re kheva - Doli sajaa ke rakhna (Not able to relate to even a bit of it!)

5. What is your life’s purpose ?
Open Road - Gary Barlow (Is it trying to indicate me towards my life's real purpose, the person who really needs me most? *thinking*)

6. What’s your motto ?
Kal ho na ho - Kal ho na ho (Sahi hi toh hai ;))

7. What do your friends think of you ?
Rukmani.. Rukmani - Roja (I knew they're the culprit ones..can never stop gossips!! :P)

8. What do your parents think of you?
Kaagaz ki kashti - Unsorted (May be they find their own childhood :))

9. What do you think of often ?
Aanan faanan..hua kya se kya - Namastey London (LOL.. perfect!! :D)

10. What is 2 + 2 ?
Gulaabi aankhen - The Train (What is the math in this?! :P)

11. What do you think of your best friend ?
Roz shaam aati thi - Imtihaan (But now my best friend forgot me :'( )

12. What is your life story ?
Dil diya hai.. jaan bhi denge - Karma (Waah Waah!! :P )

13. What do you want to be when you grow up ?
Baadal yoon garaztaa hai - Betaab (Weird.. totally absurd!)

14. What do you think when you see the person you like ?
Aa khushi se khudkushi kar le - Darling (OMG! :O I'm not-at-all a despo!! :@ )

15. What will you dance to at your wedding 4th anniversary?
Teri deewani - Kailasa (Auwww :) )

16. What will they play at your funeral?
Tu is tarah se meri zindagi me shaamil hai.. Jahaan bhi jaaun ye lagta hai, teri mahfil hai - Aap to aise na the (Auwww.. this one's making me emo! *sob sob* )

17. What is your hobby/interest ?
Cheeni kum - Cheeni kum (Hmm.. I dunno howz that a hobby! :|)

18. What is your biggest fear ?
Yu hi chalaa chal raahi - Swades (That's never a fear!!)

19. What is your biggest secret ?
Dil ne kahaa chupke se - 1942 A Love Story (*blush* *blush*)

20. What do you want right now ?
Tera muskurana, fir has ke paas aana, mujhe apna naam batana... - Jhankaar Beats (Auwww... When am I gonna really experience that ^_^)

21. What do you think of your friends?
Halka halka sa ye nasha - Chocolate (Dosto ke sath aur kya.. cheers!! ;) )

22. When you want to rush to the toilet, what do you think ?
Silsila ye chaahat ka - Devdas (:O)

23. Person you hate the most is in front of you, what will you tell the person ?
Aashiqui mein har aashiq ho jaata hai majboor - Dil ka kya kasoor (Hmm...)

24. You have just won a lottery. What will you sing ?
In aankhon ki masti ke.. - Umraao Jaan (And I thought we were talking about lottery!:P)

25. What will you post this as?
As long as you love me - Backstreet Boys (Perfect! :):)):))) )

Oh by the way, out of this, 9 songs I listened to first time. And 15 I rarely listen.. I guess my media player was choosing the songs to play which I never do otherwise.. I should have better used my mobile phone's media player!! :D

The Lost Passions

Thanking everyone around me who is inspiring me every now and then to lighten up, brighten up...

Finding again the lost passions,
The poems without the words,
The love for colors,
And the beauty of nature.
Appreciating the sunshine,
And the little pour of rain,
And a lovely long walk on the sands.
Wondering about the dreams,
Creating illusions of reality,
Where anything can be true,
Where anything can be mine...

Finding again the lost passions,
And loving myself all over again...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Desires... For Freedom!

The first ever piece of poetry from the beautiful mind...

Ek panchhi, ek swatantra mann,
Karta nabh tal swachhand vicharan,
Kuch chaah nahi, koi raah nahi,
Bas kahna hai sandesh yahi,
Kya rakha hai kisi gulaami me,
Jhoothi shaan ki badnaami me,
Jeena ho to khul ke pankh failaao,
Door gagan ko bhi chhoo jao,
Ye hoti hai aazadi ki talab,
Jo poorn kare jeewan ka sabab.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Main saagar odhe baitha hoon...

Ret ki chataai par,
Main saagar odhe baitha hoon.
Nanhi aankhon me baadal sang bahne ke,
Sapne liye baitha hoon.

Jo baarish ho kabhi os ki,
To sooraj mera chhaata ho.
Main titliyon aur bhanwro ko,
Apna geet sunaane baitha hoon.

Main taaro ko takiya banaye,
Chaandni odhe baitha hoon.
Andhere me jugnuon ke sath,
Roshni failaaye baitha hoon.

Jo dastak de khwaab ek,
Main hawaaon me kho jaaun kahin.
Main Pariyo ke intezaar me,
Palke bichhaye baitha hoon.

Ret ki chataai par,
Main saagar odhe baitha hoon.
Nanhi aankhon me apni ek
Duniya sajaaye baitha hoon.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Aaj kuch gaayab hai,
Bahut khoja,
Par mil hi nahi raha..

Socha, us kamre ke kiwaad fir kholu,
Jahaan bachpan bitaya tha..
Mil gayi mujhe apni titliyon se bhari dibbi,
Wo gulaab ki sookhi pankhudiyaan,
Wo ret se bhari shishi,
Aur seepiyon ka khajaana..
Kuch patange bhi mili,
Aur kaagaz ki naav bhi..
Ek kone me ek katori rakhi thi,
Socha tha kisi raat dhoop na mile to kaam aayegi,
Ek chammach bhi rakhi thi,
Usme jharna bhar ke rakha tha..
Par jo barf ka gola saja ke rakha tha,
Uske to nishaan hi dikhte nahi ab..

Sab ojhal ho gaya hai..
Bilkul meri maasoomiyat ki tarah
Bahut khoja use..
Par kahin mil hi nahi rahi..!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ho gayi hai shaam...

Arey, ye kya hua
Ye andhera, ye jaam,
Kya sach me din dhal gaya,
Kya ho gayi hai shaam?

Abhi-abhi to subah thi,
Main neend se tha jaaga,
Kuch sapne the, jo karne the poore,
Main peechhe tha unke bhaaga.

Abhi-abhi to bas pakdi thi,
Jo ghumaati mujhe sansaar,
Abhi-abhi to kadam rakha tha,
Zindagi me pahli baar.

Abhi hi to pahchaana tha,
Kya jhooth hai, kya sachchai,
Abhi-abhi to jana tha,
Kya hai rishton ko gahraayi.

Abhi-abhi to anjaane bhi
Dost banaye the,
Na jaane unke saath,
Kitne jashna manaaye the.

Abhi-abhi to seekha tha,
Banana naye naye plan,
Aur karna apni jeet ka,
Poori duniya me elaan.

Seekha tha humne jeetna,
Par seekhi bhi thi haar,
Seekha tha roothna-manaana,
Seekhi thi takraar.

Wo dosto ki mahfil,
Wo chhoti si baat,
Kuch kah di, kuch rah gayi,
Aur ho gayi raat.

Pata na chalaa tha,
Ki dhal chuka hai din,
Aur rah gayi hai sirf,
Ye raat taare gin.

Guzaar diya waqt,
Na jaane kya paane ki chaah me,
Par kho gaye hum kahin,
Us manzil ki hi raah me.

Kaise jaaye wapas,
Koi to pataa do,
Kya ye jashna ke hain jaam
Mujhe koi to bataa do?

Koi to raah dhoondhni hi padegi,
Kal subah fir jaagna hai.
Ek naye sapne ke peechhe,
Kal subah fir bhaagna hai.

Aaj to jo hua, so hua,
Abhi karte hain aaraam,
Kal fir subah aayegi,
Abhi ho gayi hai shaam.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chhoo lo wo Unchaiyaan

Jeewan ke is anubhav me,
Kai daur aise aayenge,
Kabhi khatthe, kabhi meethe,
Kabhi Sunahre pal laayenge,
To laayenge kabhi wo,
Pal gamo ki aandhi ke,
Kabhi wo aansu, baarish
Ban ke barsaayenge.

Wo banenge vishaal baadha,
Rokenge teri raah,
Chahenge tujhe haraana,
Kamjor karke teri chaah.
Par tu ye yaad rakhna,
Aur karna ek vishwaas,
Par nahi hain tere, to kya,
Chhuna hai aakash.

Lena tu seekh sab se,
Chahe wo ho koi rekha,
Manzil nahi hai uski,
Par chalti rahe hamesha.
Dekhna tu maati ka deepak,
Aur baati ka samarpan,
Dene prakash duniya ko,
Wo jalti rahe hamesha.

Sadiyaan ho gayi, parwat bhi
Kabhi thaka nahi,
Aur mukaabla koi,
Kar sakaa nahi.
Sun ye hawaa bhi,
Kya geet gaati hai,
Faila le pankh iraado ke,
Unchaiyaan bulati hain.

Aaz tu na thakna,
Aaz tu na rukna,
Chhoo le saara aakash,
Sab hai tera apna.
Ye jeewan hai, yahaan koi
Kal nahi jaanta,
Tu ud le aaz jee bhar,
Sach kar le apna sapna.

Tu chhoo le har khushi,
Tu chhoo le manzil,
Tu chhoo le aaz ruh,
Tu chhoo le saare dil,
Tu chhoo le saara jahaan,
Tu chhoo le haseen samaa,
Tu chhoo le har unchaayi,
Tu chhoo le aasmaan...
Tu chhoo le aasmaan...
Tu chhoo le saara jahaan....


Yahaan shor na kar,
Sun is sannaate ko,
Bahut kuch kahna chahta hai yeh,
Dekh is andhere ko,
Band aankho se,
Apni hi parchhaai dikhana chahta hai yeh.
Kitna kuch sunane ko,
Khaamoshiyo ki cheekh,
Kitna kuch dikhane ko,
Dil me dard, aansuon me gum,
Pal-pal tadapti saanse,
Chahti hain zindagi ki kaid se aazaadi,
Par ye pyasi nigaahe,
Aaz bhi ummeed karti hain sookhe huye sagar se,
Shayad koi naya aakaash,
Andhere ko cheer kar,
Kuch boond amrit, sagar ko dene wala ho,
Shayad ek toofaan, ek bijli,
Saare sannaate aur andhere ko,
Khatm kar dene wale ho,
Shayad mil rahi ho kahin se,
Kuch udhaar ki saanse,
Shayad ek nayaa sooraj,
Kahin janm lene wala ho.
Kya pata, kal kya ho?
Zindagi ret ki tarah fisal rahi hai,
Par hum kar sakte hain to kya?
Sirf ek ummeed,
Shayad zindagi samay ke sath tham jaye,
Udhaar ki saanse, maut ke khauf ko mitaa jaayen,
Ya phir...
Ek aur koshish,
Ki yahaan koi shor na ho,
Kyunki... sannaata,
Bahut kuch kahna chahta hai yeh....

Main yeh nahi hoon!

Aksar jab bhi aate jaate, hain log mujhe kuch batlaate,
Main na kah paaun kuch bhi unhe, par main hoon nahi jo wo jatlaate.

Koi mujhe sundar kahta hai, koi kahe, main hoon buddhimaan,
koi deta hai darzaa mahaan ka, par yeh main nahi, main hoon sirf insaan.

Koi kahta mujhe hai rachnakaar, koi kahe main hoon chitrakaar,
Kai log kahte hain vigyaan ki chhaatra, to kai log kahte hain sirf bekaar.

Nahin samajh sakte wo, mere rango ki udaan,
Mere sapne, mere armaan, ek panchhi ki daastaan.

Nahin samajh sakte wo, mere dil me chhipe jazbaat,
Chaand aur chaandni raat, shamaa aur barsaat.

Nahin samajh sakte wo, mere shabdo ki gahraayi,
Jalti huyi diyasalayi, bheed me bhi tanhaayi.

Nahin samajh sakte wo, kya galat hai, kya sahi,
Kya door hai, kya yahin, kya hoon main, kya nahin.

Maana main nahi hoon, samudra si vishaal,
Parwat si atal, aasmaan si buland.

Maana main nahi hoon, hawaa si mastmaula,
Jharne si chanchal, gulaab si komal.

Main aasmaan bhi nahi, au dharaa bhi nahi hoon,
Had se zyada nahi, par zaraa bhi nahi hoon.

Kaun kahta hai main, duniya me khaas nahi hoon,
Jo pal me toot jaye, main wo vishwaas nahi hoon.

Main aatma hoon, sirf shareer nahi hoon,
Jo kabhi prem na kar paye, wo tasveer nahi hoon.
Mujhe jaanna to itna aasaan nahi hoga,
Par haqikat hoon main, koi takdeer nahi hoon.

Koi kal bhi nahi, koi aaz nahi hoon,
Dil ke taaro se na mil jaye, aisa saaz nahi hoon,
Main yeh bhi nahi, aur weh bhi nahi hoon,
Main sirf "Main" hoon, dafn raaz nahi hoon.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And it happened today morning...

On few mornings, we see those dreams which are weird yet so beautiful... and today's morning happened with one such beauty.. I wish I could see the climax too, but if I would have seen that, I would have missed the fun of suspense! :))

So, what was this surprising dream about? Do you really wanna know? B'cause this time, this isn't something I need to really hide. After-all, it was just a dream! :D

It started with a phone call..
A known number flashed on my mobile screen.
I picked it up..
And then, a voice came.
The voice was a little shivering..
He said something.. then, played a song..
That was beautiful. A lovely romantic song.. telling the feeling of a person who loves someone passionately.
There was silence in the air, but it said more than any word can say. There were questions in those words, and emotions which deserved an answer. I was too much lost in the songs.. and thoughts of 'him'.
Then another song came up, and then another.. and another..
And I woke up! :( :|

I did get no chance to say anything.
All I wished at that moment was.. that I could sleep a l'il more...! :D