Monday, December 13, 2010

The Human Toy

There he was.. with his little eyes, small palms and the biggest ever smile on his face. He was little in length but had a heart of the size of the Himalayas. He had his dreams to live for and she was his most favorite dream. He wanted to live just one life, and he was living it all for her.

And there she was.. his cute, chubby, sweetie-pie; with sparkling eyes and strawberry lips. With her sweetness, she could melt the most bitter monster in the world.

They both were so good together; they always played together, ate together, roamed together; anyone would say, they are the best friends forever.

He adored her so much that he would never leave her alone. He would sing for her and dance for her and would make the funniest faces ever on the earth, just to see her smiling and laughing and enjoying.

And she was happy too. She wasn't all alone now. She always wanted a toy to keep herself excited n jovial all the time. And finally she got one too. And he was her most favorite toy.


  1. where have you disappeared from blogosphere, 'chansal' (finally :P)? miss your writings .

  2. Hey Abhi.. dinno ppl still follows my blog..
    Yeah, dunno whr I was disappeared, I really need to come with a bang..! Thanks for reminding that I used to write too :D

  3. Good..only toys remain forever.. :)


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