Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Moment of Freedom

And that one moment, she felt free. It was magical. Like she had no destination to reach, and all the paths ahead. She could savor the life till its last sip. With shades of orange, pink and purple, the sky appeared as the most beautiful canvas. And that one moment, she forgot the world. She felt alive.

Everything has paused. She could touch the little stars, and smell the wet air. And there she chose to live that moment completely, perfectly. With dreams of flying in the air some day, she just lied down on a bench in the nearby park, gazing at the sky - far, up and turned cloudy dark. But that moment seemed brighter than ever.

She just picked something to write. She could not afford to forget that ever, could not have any more regrets of forgetting.. And then she just seized the moment and captured it forever. She felt an amazing happiness inside. Coz that one moment, she felt free..... more magical than anything ever.

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