Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Silent Stare

It was so loud out in the party, with all that music, and glittering lights, and people. But deep down I could feel a deafening silence. And the silent stare from his eyes were penetrating even deeper inside me.

He was still looking at me. Like he wanted to say something. Were those questions for me? Or the answers which he always wished he could give to me? Or did he want me to read something up there by myself?

I tried to look and it seemed like a labyrinth. Why didn't he just simply come and talk to me? May be the words could have helped better. Or was it I myself who didn't want to talk? It was like two magnets, sometimes with opposite poles, but sometimes with similar.

Everything was hazy, and blurred. The only thing that was still and riveted was the stare from his eyes, with zillions of things to talk about.

And when I see up now, I find those eyes still looking at me.. silently!


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