Friday, November 12, 2010

Life of a Friendship!

Sometimes I think, how good it would have been if we were always two strangers to each other!
But sometimes, few things have to happen, or how would people get memories otherwise!

When we think life's good, all's well, kinda perfect; we have ignored that deep drown tears of loneliness in our hearts; and we are learning to kinda adjust in all sort of circumstances; then we meet that someone whom we always needed the most... a friend, our Best Friend!

I donno what thunderstorms life was showing to me. I was just looking for a good reason to stay. Then like a shooting star, you came. I had only started to admire your sparkle, but why did you disappear? I was in no hurry, then why were you?

Why were you always so quick in everything and I wasn't? You happened so sudden, and I didn't believe anything. I opened my eyes and saw the glitters. Something had changed. Yeah, the gloomy night had changed!

I was completely lost in the beauty of that moment. I was loving every single thing around me; dancing, singing, lost in the love with myself all over again; and then.. a sudden thuddd and I had to wake up from my dream... 
There was no light, no sparkle, no star...
Oh! You were just a shooting star!

Its time to get back to my closet!
I will wait till the night is over.. with your memories..

The life of our friendship can't be so less. I hope you'll come back soon. And this time as the bright shining sun, to stay with me.. Forever!

I'm waiting...


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