Thursday, November 4, 2010

Desires... For Freedom!

The first ever piece of poetry from the beautiful mind...

Ek panchhi, ek swatantra mann,
Karta nabh tal swachhand vicharan,
Kuch chaah nahi, koi raah nahi,
Bas kahna hai sandesh yahi,
Kya rakha hai kisi gulaami me,
Jhoothi shaan ki badnaami me,
Jeena ho to khul ke pankh failaao,
Door gagan ko bhi chhoo jao,
Ye hoti hai aazadi ki talab,
Jo poorn kare jeewan ka sabab.


  1. hey,

    wonderful piece.
    I wonder why you use english as the medium to express, hindi would be a better option.

    by the way what do you mean by 'swatantra' n 'swachhand' ,what to do my hindi is not at all good.

    its 'kisi ki gulaami' or 'kisi gulaami'

  2. HEY,

    you have been tagged. see my blog. "All that I need ".

  3. Hi Anurag,
    warm diwali wishes to u too.. :)
    and thanks for tagging, i'll try that random thing in my free time! *_*
    n yeah, regarding medium of expression, do u mean transliteration??
    Also, by first two lines I meant to express a bird's free soul! :)
    And "kisi gulaami" means bond of any kind, not just the control of any other person!

  4. very well done :) vase ur blog is looking beautiful now with new theme and so many new post :)

  5. Thanks GG!
    Change is the spice of life.. And thankfully I'm getting loads of time also to update it!! :)

  6. hey,

    ya, I have seen many blog written in hindi. you should see about it.


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