Saturday, October 15, 2016

Good Morning!

Good morning!

It's a beautiful morning, isn't it?
What's beautiful about this morning, do you ask? What isn't, I ask!
The beautiful golden sun rays coming through the window and shining on your skin, a breeze carrying the smell of earth, birds chirping everywhere and music in every sound if you listen with your soul!

Why rush? There are many who needs to, but you don't! You don't have to wake up because the world will stop, if you don't! You have to wake up because its time you start enjoying the mornings rather than counting it as another curse!
You are one of those lucky souls who don't have to wake up early to minister to the sick, to carry food for the mass or guard the boundaries to protect people and things.
Your job is easy. All you need to do is not worry and breathe. Take it slowly. Relax. And start the day with a smile. Can you do that?
You are lucky, because you have time to read this post. May be you are still in your bed, or taking a break from your never ending chores, or travelling in a train or metro. Feel this morning. Yes, this is like every other morning. There is nothing exceptional about today, except that you are trying to smile, aren't you? I will be happy to know that you smile everyday!

Why rush? Take a moment to close your eyes, not sleep, but close your eyes. And say this to yourself. YES! I AM READY!
Whatever it may be, the day will come, you don't have to anticipate everything in the world. But feel ready. In this moment. 

Once, while travelling, I found a little girl, 5 years old, just so happy. She wanted to play with me. So we played. We were playing and her uncle scolded her a bit for being too naughty with random stranger people. She started crying in a moment. I hugged her and she was happy again the next moment. Life is just this simple. Its always in the present, the moment which is NOW! We hold on to our grudges too long, that they become a lot of emotions. They become resentment, they become regret. They become anger, annoyance and blame. They self-destruct our emotional system. We need to feel gratitude. Hope and satisfaction will follow. 

Are you feeling grateful for little things?
You all are grateful for food that you get, do you enjoy every morsel of it that you eat? Do you realize every flavor? There is a lot to feel, if you just eat when you eat.
There is a lot to relish if you are just with the person that you are, and not lost in your world of worries. Do you ever look in the eyes and talk? Do you try to empathize and not just throw mere opinions? 
Look around. There is a whole world just waiting to be cherished. With all its little insignificant moments to offer. Those moments make our life beautiful.
The day will come, you can not control it. But enjoy your morning. And the peace that it will provide to your soul. 

Have a good morning! :)

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