Sunday, March 4, 2007


What is this life?

Is it a cup of wine?
Which with every sip, gets more empty.
No, life is not this all.

Then, is life a tree?
Which has many flowers on it,
And with every flower, it looses its fragnance.
No, this is not all about life.

Then, is it an ocean?
Deep but getting shallower with every loosing drop of water.
No, this is certainly not the life.

Then, what is the life?
Life is really a cup of wine,
But that, which with every sip,
Fills the soul with more life.

Life is that tree,
Which with every flower,
Fills the life with more fragnance.

Life is that ocean,
Which deepens with every giving drop of water.

Life is not this all,
Life is that feeling,
Which fills every moment of life with more life......


  1. life to nahin pata kya hai... lekin ye kavita todu hai
    i think i can better explain what life is.. life is a state of mind (majaak kar raha hoon)..
    good work

  2. sorry can't reveal my identity. But this rhyme is really very awesome.

  3. thanks a lottt :)
    i would really find more pleasure to know who u are mr. anonymous :)

  4. Let this Mr.Anonymous be anonymous to you.
    I just love the rhymes, why don't you put up some more?


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