Sunday, March 4, 2007


Manytimes... manytimes...
I feel alone.
Many times, I feel like,
Life has somewhere gone.
I search a lot,
To the distant miles,
But found nowhere,
A face with smile.

Manytimes, I feel like,
I am lost,
Lost in the world,
Which is dry n frost.
Lost in the world,
Clever and cunning,
Lost in the world,
Viciously running.

Manytimes, I limit,
Myself to my room,
Which is absurd, inept,
But full of silence and gloom.
I kept sitting,
In a corner deep and dark,
Thinking of the life,
Which is leaving without a mark.

Manytimes, I ask,
God for a smile,
And he always told me,
To wait for a while.
Manytimes, I wait,
But no more can I,
Hey God, soon tell,
Where the life lies......


  1. i liked dis 1 a lot...u knw...everyone has thoughts...but to present them to others in the same beauty as you see them is a talent...a talent which 1 in a lakh people have...u hav dat chitranshi...keep it up!!!


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