Sunday, August 18, 2013

I & You

When I am not with you 
I often dream of you 
And those dreams are such beauty
As perfect as a fairy tale.

I dream of two happy souls
Contently smiling.
Their hands are clutched
And shoulders leaned.

I dream of me sitting on your lap
My hands around your neck
And you reading to me
My favourite poetry.

I dream of moments
When we just know
That love suffice
And rest of the world fades.

I dream of those things
You say with your eyes
And then we look somewhere far
Silently savouring the moment.

I dream of times
When I see you after long
And hug you the tightest hug ever
And never let you go again.

I dream the days
When we travel the world
Measure every inch on this earth

I dream of starry nights
When we lie on the terrace
Talking endlessly
And loving.


And when I see YOU,
These beautiful dreams just shatter
Leaving me alone with
A grim Reality.

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