Monday, February 9, 2009


I'm feeling happy... I've set the state of my mind to that condition.
Thinking that, that I'm happy, I'm happy :)

Wow... sometimes its just pleasant to know that life is simple and easy.
My Beautiful Mind is helping me a lottt.....
I'm feeling gratitude & wanna thank all the pleasant & non-pleasant things happened to me.
Whatever they've taught me & I've learnt so far from them, I am rejuvenated, elated, & feeling the very special essence of my being....

There is nothing particular to mention, for this whole universe is so great... that's the power of cosmic rays... that's the power of being self !!!

Oh! I'm feeling passion for this world...this life !
I don't wanna become a sage now. This materialistic world is something more than money & comfort... its love, desires, dreams & passions... Am I really raptured in delight? Dunno, but I'm flying among the clouds & I wanna be in this long-lasting dream forever... with open eyes...not seeing anything... but just flying me !!!

Forever !

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