Monday, February 2, 2009

That suffocating eve of The Hostel !

There are always things in life which change so much too soon that we don’t even get time to analyze them. Things do happen, they are meant to be. It’s just up to us how we let them come about. One day or one night is enough to transform one’s world. And sometimes, one moment as well. Changes don’t come giving us an alarm. Or even if they, we are not always blessed to understand them. And even if we understand them, it’s important to keep ourselves cool, calm and composed.

You might be thinking, why I’m telling all this to you. Actually it once happened with me too. I am a student, studying in a prestigious and renowned institute. I enjoy my life as every other adolescent in this world. I have friends and I like to enjoy with them. Like every other day, I returned from my classes and sat with my friends in their dome planning the evening. And then, after sometime, something happened which made such a deep impact on my life, I might not get able to stop thinking about it. How worse the things can be, if you don’t treat them well, I understood just after that incident.

It was a sunny and tiring day. After attending a bunch of classes, I with my friends Ritika, Apurva, Nandini and Priya, returned back to the hostel. Our hostel is solely for girls. We all have habit of making freaky plans there. As we all returned, instead of moving directly to my room, I entered my friends’ dome and we kicked off our hilarious talks. We were screaming, laughing, playing and enjoying. Suddenly a deep far voice entered our ears. The voice heard familiar at the first earshot but we didn’t try hard to understand what message it was trying to convey us. We kept continue our chatting and after sometime I felt the urge to go back to my room. I waved them a goodbye happily and left the room. While passing through all the corridors between our rooms, I saw each gaze was frantic. Everyone seemed to be freezed and panic. I could now make out what was that voice for. The day had come. We had no choice but to witness that crisis.

I had never been so much helpless in my life before. All I could see was tall standing walls and boys around them. It was not like I’m sick or scared of boys, but it seemed like every male human being is shifting himself in my hostel. At the same time, whole world of juniors was seemed to be disobeying me. Whatever I said, they ignored. Wherever I went, people burst. For me they were aimless brutes.

The warden was shouting. All had strict orders to stay in the room and co-operate. I had no idea what she meant by the “co-operation”. I couldn’t understand even a single thing and whenever I tried to apply my silly logic, I found myself more confused and suffocated. I went from one place to another screaming for help, but none seemed to care. Air was getting more and more tense. I could see boys, more boys, shifting their each and every stuff in my hostel – The Girls’ Hostel. I saw every corner. Everything seemed to be moving around my eyes. It was hard enough for me to keep hold of my sight. I prayed God and tried to realize what is happening and why. The suffocation was now killing me.

I tried hard to focus but everything became blurred. The entire scene was white now. And suddenly it became dark. Where was I? With much of the effort I sensed my surroundings. I realized that I’m alive, Awake and lying on my bed. Everything I could found there was that There is no Change. Oh! I was dreaming once again. I thanked God and solaced myself for that nightmare has came to an end. And I lay down long trying to suspire, still unable to make out anything from everything.

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  1. Boys create nightmare for you..that's this comment creating one? i happen to be a boy.. :P


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