Thursday, February 26, 2009

Me and My Beliefs

God's most special child...I believe it to the core of my heart.

A perfect Dreamer... who hates to see reality. Yet I know, its there...bigger and bitter.

A typical Leo... bold, audacious, love to be praised, magnetic, hide emotions well, hates when anyone ignore, love to help others.....

I believe things shouldn't be ideal, because they vanish as soon as they reached that state.

I believe everything in the universe is relative, symmetrical, binary... and having multi-dimensions.

I believe 'Life' is the greatest gift God has given to us, we must not waste it.

I believe answer to many of my questions is a truth... and that is "I'm human."

I believe that before dying if I help atleast one person in the world to live life happily just because I'm there... then my living will be successful.

I believe I know myself better each time than I knew it the last time. If you find something new, don't be surprised... I'm equally astonished.

One more philosophy to add to my beliefs:
When you have a beautiful mind, everything become beautiful for you. And when you feel everything beautiful, life become beautiful too.... that's why I feel "A Beautiful Mind is Enough!"

I'm living... because I believe it!
I'm happy... because I believe that too!

I believe, I see, and that all happens to me :)


  1. Absolutely jus need to look going one step ahead in life and u'll see the same clearly.

  2. Thanks Bro!!! I always love your comments...
    They boost me up to zillion times :)


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