Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First Step

Learning new lessons everyday is a part of life. But the part which is most important and we generally forget it, is the implementation in our lives what we have learnt.
We know that a simple misunderstanding can create distances between two persons.
We know that its always good to take the first step in filling gaps.
We know that sometimes, our initiatives can also make very strong bridges.
All that we forget is that we need to do it also, apart from just knowing it.
(As all say, just by knowing that when I get up early and go for a jog, will keep me fit, is not sufficient, but I actually need to go for it also.)

Today I took a first step, in hope that the mile's distance will be covered someday.
Its not enough to know that you dislike and hate some person. You should know what qualities make you feel so. You are actually capable of doing a lot great than you think you are of.

"The Secret says: You need not to worry about the whole path. Just take the first step in faith."

Today I told him that I feel bad about few things. I hope he will take care of some little things which can avoid huge misunderstandings and will cause us work in a healthy environment.


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